These buildings represent so much to American history, and to adventurers everywhere who have sailed the open seas.

William Mathews Brooks
(Chair Emeritus, New York Yacht Club Foundation)


NYYC Foundation

Founded in 2007, the mission of the New York Yacht Club Foundation is maintaining and restoring the New York Yacht Club’s magnificent Clubhouses on 44th Street in Manhattan and at Harbour Court in Newport, Rhode Island. Through tax-deductible contributions and donations, the Foundation grants funds for the Club’s important, ongoing capital projects in New York and Newport. “Preserving our past, safeguarding our future” is the goal of the NYYC Foundation.

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Our Clubhouses

The “stations” of the New York Yacht Club are located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, and at Harbour Court in Newport, Rhode Island, overlooking the historic waters of Brenton Cove and Narragansett Bay.

40° 43′ 50.1960” N and 73° 56′ 6.8712” W

44th Street, New York, NY

37 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

41° 29′ 26.0808” N and 71° 18′ 36.7056” W

Harbour Court, Newport, RI

5 Halidon Ave,
Newport, RI 02840


Upcoming & Past Projects

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Over the next decade, with important work either completed, in the planning stages or under way at Harbour Court or 44th Street, there are multiple projects that require major funding to ensure that the Clubhouses are preserved for future generations. These efforts—including a seawall to rebuild and a boathouse to restore at Harbour Court—and the ongoing annual maintenance of these historic buildings are made possible by the New York Yacht Club Foundation and your generous support.

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Board of Directors


Board of Directors

For over a century, a long line of generous donors and philanthropists have played a central role in conserving and restoring the Club’s extraordinary buildings and grounds. Today, this important work is carried on by the New York Yacht Club Foundation, and you are invited to join in their vital, ongoing mission.

The Club and the Foundation are the stewards of a pair of matchless architectural jewels. In many ways, the Foundation’s current calling is continuing the NYYC’s philanthropic legacy that was originally launched by Commodore J. Pierpont Morgan, who in 1897 donated the Midtown property on which the 44th Street clubhouse was erected. 

To maintain such a treasured historical icon’s façade and interior in the style and finish that it deserves requires long-term planning and significant financial support, which is provided directly through donations to the New York Yacht Club Foundation.

If the 44th Street clubhouse, with its famous, unsurpassed Model Room, offers members a spiritual connection to the seas, the Newport “station” at Harbour Court is their literal gateway to blue water. Together, these buildings forge a meaningful connection between the New York Yacht Club’s past, present and future.

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For more information or assistance with making a contribution, please contact the Foundation by calling 401-608-1125 or [email protected].