Landmark Society Provides Enduring Preservation Support

In 2022, the Landmark Society was established to recognize longstanding, loyal donors to the New York Yacht Club Foundation for their generosity and commitment to historic preservation efforts.

Members of the Landmark Society will commit a five-year pledge of either $2,500, $10,000, or $25,000 to the Foundation.

Please consider joining this exclusive group to provide leadership support for the next 5 years of critical historic preservation projects at 44th Street and Harbour Court.

For more information contact Foundation Board of Director, Marie K. Crump or Executive Director Trixie B. Wadson, 401-608-1125.

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Our splendid clubhouses, particularly 44th Street, are national treasures that are physical embodiments of our Club and its proud history. What a privilege and joy it is to spend time in such splendid historic structures with friends who share a passion for sailing!

Barbara Dau
(Chair, NYYC Fine Arts Committee & Landmark Society Member)