Seawall and Boathouse Groundbreaking Ceremony

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Before taking his first dig with the ceremonial shovel, NYYC Foundation Chair, William Mathews “Matt” Brooks addressed the donors, former Commodores, and Club members on October 6, 2023:

“In the spirit of preservation and progress, we gather here today to celebrate the groundbreaking of a monumental endeavor, the restoration of this cherished historic seawall. We honor the craftsmanship of those who first constructed our clubhouse and this seawall. We recognize that the preservation of our past is not just a duty, but a promise to future generations, a commitment to safeguard the threads of our heritage that weave through the fabric of our community. This landmark, weathered by the tides of time, has witnessed generations come and go, bearing witness to countless stories and memories etched into the very stones we now stand upon.

“With each stone carefully placed, and each wave of the sea that crashes against this renewed seawall, we pledge to honor the legacy of those who came before us. This endeavor is a symbol of unity, for it is only through the collective effort of our membership, working hand in hand, that we can achieve this remarkable feat of keeping our traditions alive.

“May the renovation of this historic seawall remind us that, like the stones we lay, our actions today will shape the foundations of tomorrow.”

To view the progress visit the Club’s webcam.

Proposed Project Completion Date: Late Spring 2023

Photos by Dan Nerney and Julia Boron


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